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Founded in Pittsburgh in 1968 under the will of Alex C. Walker, the Foundation is structured as a charitable trust under Pennsylvania Law.
Mountains, Markets, Sea
The Alex C. Walker Educational and Charitable Foundation has filled a unique niche among grant-giving institutions in that it addresses issues related to the causes of market imbalances, the exploration of market-based solutions, protection of the free enterprise system, and the dissemination of such information. The trust operates as a family foundation with Dr. Thomas Walker, Jr. and Barrett P. Walker serving as family trustees and PNC Bank serving as the corporate trustee.
Emergency Funds to Conserve the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Costa Rica  
Costa Rica has a payment for ecosystem services program that helps support The Children’s Eternal Rainforest. This 22,600-hectare reserve plays a critical role in conserving Costa Rica’s biodiversity. It provides water for communities and hydroelectricity and is
Cook Inletkeeper  
Inletkeeper produced a new report – “The Role of Metal Mining in the Present & Future Alaska Economy” by the economic firm Power Consulting Inc. in March 2021 detailing Alaska’s mining, royalty and bonding structure, with an additional analysis on the socioeconom...
Good Energy Collective  
We will analyze the national potential for a coal-to-small modular reactor (SMR) transition, and develop guidelines for a pilot program to engage potential host communities.
Building Grasstops Support for Carbon Pricing in 2020/2021  
In 2020-21, the Pricing Carbon Initiative (PCI) will continue with its efforts, launched in 2011, to build support, by fostering understanding and cooperation between a wide range of organizations and opinion leaders, for bipartisan carbon pricing solutions desig...
Research and publication of a book "Sophie's Planet" on the latest climate science and solutions to emission reduction.  
Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions (CSAS), led by Dr. Hansen, formerly Director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has worked on promoting climate awareness and advocating policy actions for years. Recent science results and decades of experience
Major statutory and constitutional claims against natural gas pipelines  
Pipeline companies are taking property from landowners by using eminent domain authority granted by either state law for intrastate pipelines or the federal Natural Gas Act (NGA) for interstate ones.
Atmospheric Trust Campaign  
Our Children’s Trust (OCT) is a non-profit public interest law firm representing youth around the globe in constitutional, public trust, and human rights legal actions to secure their binding legal rights to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate. This legal wor...
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