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Founded in Pittsburgh in 1968 under the will of Alex C. Walker, the Foundation is structured as a charitable trust under Pennsylvania Law.
Mountains, Markets, Sea
The Alex C. Walker Educational and Charitable Foundation has filled a unique niche among grant-giving institutions in that it addresses issues related to the causes of market imbalances, the exploration of market-based solutions, protection of the free enterprise system, and the dissemination of such information. The trust operates as a family foundation with Dr. Thomas Walker, Jr. and Barrett P. Walker serving as family trustees and PNC Bank serving as the corporate trustee.
Forest Carbon Tax and Reward  
Center for Sustainable Economy and its partners are advocating for state-level forest carbon tax and reward programs as a way to dis-incentivize high-emissions logging operations and dramatically scale up beneficial practices that result in continuous increases i...
Fossil Fuel Risk Bonds  
This Fossil Fuel Risk Bonds project is focused on tackling the hidden subsidies we all pay in the externalized costs of fossil fuel extraction, transport, storage and combustion. In line with the internationally recognized “polluter pays" principal, our work on f...
Alaska Climate Impacts Bibliography  
This project helps quantify and expose market externalities by producing an annotated bibliography of scientific literature on the impacts from climate change and ocean acidification on Alaska natural systems.
Building Support in 2017 for Pricing Carbon  
The Karuna Center for Peacebuilding will continue to assist the Pricing Carbon Initiative, as it has in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016, in building consensus around policies and bipartisan legislative solutions that price carbon. Together we will continue to design, o...
Climate Cost Data and Documentary Project  
The Climate Cost Project is a data and documentary project to help uncover, understand, and visualize the costs of climate change to American communities. It accomplishes this through the Witnessing Change Video Competition and the Climate Impact Census. The proj...
The Carbon Tax Center Emergency Funding  
The Walker emergency grant helped us respond to, engage with and acknowledge the hundreds of individuals who are besieging us with questions, requests, suggestions and donations. The Carbon Tax Center amplifies the voices of people in America and abroad who belie...
Saving Nuclear Power Plants from Premature Closure  
The climate can be saved but only if we save nuclear plants from premature closure. Nuclear can be saved, but only with immediate, aggressive action. Environmental Progress (EP) is seeking support to build upon its success bringing the clean energy crisis to inte...
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