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Founded in Pittsburgh in 1968 under the will of Alex C. Walker, the Foundation is structured as a charitable trust under Pennsylvania Law.
Mountains, Markets, Sea
The Alex C. Walker Educational and Charitable Foundation has filled a unique niche among grant-giving institutions in that it addresses issues related to the causes of market imbalances, the exploration of market-based solutions, protection of the free enterprise system, and the dissemination of such information. The trust operates as a family foundation with Dr. Thomas Walker, Jr. and Barrett P. Walker serving as family trustees and PNC Bank serving as the corporate trustee.
Citizen Climate Cost Project  
The Citizen Climate Cost Project (CCCP) consists of a high school teaching module that includes an interactive game on the economics of climate change, complementary classroom lesson materials, and an experiential exercise requiring students to go out into their
R Street Carbon Tax and State Level Work  
R Street will continue work with the federal executive branch, Congress, state governments, conservative non-profits and others to develop and promote the idea that states willing to impose a carbon tax at a certain minimum level should be able to opt out of EPA
Wildlife Conflict Resolution Project 2015  
The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) resolves conflict between wildlife and livestock through the market approach of compensating ranchers for retiring problematic grazing leases on federal land. Restoring wildlife populations has been linked to recovering heal...
Planning for CBRA Expansion  
The purpose of this grant would be to develop an planning, outreach, and coalition building strategy to expand the use of protections like those provided by the Coastal Barrier Resources System. CBRA, signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1982, is a highly successf...
Atmospheric Trust Campaign  
We support a network of youth, scientists, and experts from multiple disciplines, to bring about macro governmental action at the federal, state, local and global domestic levels that drives systemic market incentives and public policy and places our society on a...
Network of Market-driven Restoration Sites  
We seek to restore coral reefs by developing a network of international not for profits (Coral Restoration Network “CRN”) that leverage eco-tourism to provide market-driven, sustainable economic models to support coral reef restoration.
Climate Risk Bonds  
Climate risk bonds are tools national, state, and local governments can use to internalize the social costs of carbon emissions at the point of extraction, thereby making a crucial contribution to the climate fight. Before any new oil, gas, or coal projects are a...
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