Alex. C Walker Foundation

Learn about the origins of The Walker Foundation and the factors that have shaped its focus on market solutions and environmental problem solving.

Foundation Origins

History Overview
  Thomas Walker and son Alex C. Walker

Pittsburgh Air Crisis

Air Crisis in Pittsburgh
  Smog made Pittsburgh as dark as midnight at noon.

 Cleaning Up the Air
  Smog control was enacted in 1948. With improved air quality, cleaned buildings stayed free of grime.

Pittsburgh Water Crisis

 Water and Flooding Crisis in Pittsburgh
  Civic leaders joined forces to prevent future disasters.

Watershed Protection - Bipartisan Effort to Rebuild Pittsburgh
  To control flooding and reduce pollution originating in the headwaters of Pittsburgh's rivers, national forests were established at the urging of industrialists.

Walker Foundation Goals

 Market-based solutions
  The Walker Foundation applies market-based solutions to economic, environmental, and global problems of the 21st century.


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