Project Report:
Niskanen Center Carbon Tax Advocacy Campaign
- Investigates the causes of economic imbalances.
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


The Niskanen Center is aware of the Walker Foundation’s support of the Center for Sustainable Economy’s research on the market impacts of ocean acidification and the incorporation of those impacts into the social cost of carbon. Niskanen will consult with CSE staff as they perform research, review and provide feedback on work products, and assist with personal outreach and the communication of results with our network in Washington. This project will investigage whether the preferred market solution advocated by the Niskanen Center, namely a carbon tax, is also an effective remedy for the effects of ocean acidification.


Walker Foundation grant funds were used to support the Niskanen Center's climate program promoting mainstream understandings of climate science. That initiative entail blogging, op-ed writing, self-published policy studies, speaking engagements, media appearances, and (most importantly) one-on-one and small-group meetings with key political and policy actors.
In our science program, Niskanen aggressively challenges the arguments forwarded by skeptical scientists and right-wing think tanks and policy activists. The following list of blog posts illustrate this work:

Joseph Majkut, Should we make peace with CO2, November 7, 2016

Joseph Majkut, Will global greening save us all, October 27, 2016

Joseph Majkut, Climbing the staircase of global warming, July 26, 2016

Joseph Majkut, No evidence climate models are too sensitive to CO2, June 29, 2016

Joseph Majkut, Examining the state of climate science, May 12, 2016

Part of promoting understanding mainstream climate science is communicating and addressing questions about the social cost of carbon. In the last year, we published blog posts on the social cost of carbon and related considerations. Two are linked below:

Joseph Majkut, Thinking About the Social Cost of Carbon, March 2, 2017

David Bailey and David Bookbinder, The Social Cost of Carbon on Trial, June 21, 2016

Our science program also works to advance the state of knowledge in climate science and improve our understanding of climate risks through independent and novel research. To this end, part of the Walker Foundation’s support was put toward research collaborations and advising a project of the Center for a Sustainable Economy, carried out by Dr. Joseph Majkut, our director of climate science. Dr. Majkut introduced CSE staff to experts in Ocean Acidification and estimates of the social cost of carbon and reviewed CSE work in advance of public presentation.


• In addressing the myriad issues associated with climate change, Niskanen has a strong bias towards market oriented, as opposed to regulatory, solutions. This project will investigage whether the preferred market solution advocated by the Niskanen Center, namely a carbon tax, is also an effective remedy for the effects of ocean acidification.

• Niskanen is a natural partner for the CSE—and for Walker—because it already has an effective and successful media outreach effort. Niskanen staff has been able to place related articles in a wide array of prestigious newspapers, journals, and blogs.


Niskanen's work is primarily associated with the United States. Niskanen aims to convince energy-state Democrats and conservative Republicans that a carbon tax is the most efficacious solution for dealing with climate change in the US. Of course, experts in other countries may well find a carbon tax to be effective and will consult our work.

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Amount Approved
$10,000.00 on 5/31/2016 (Check sent: 6/7/2016)

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