Project Report:
Saving nuclear power plants from premature closure
- Investigates the causes of economic imbalances.
- Investigates the effect of the global financial system and/or the monetary system in fostering a sustainable economy.
- Investigates causes tending to destroy or impair the free-market system.
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


Environmental Progress, a project of Policy Impact, a 501c3 tax exempt organization, has emerged as the world’s leading environmental organization taking action to protect nuclear plants. EP was founded to address the two most serious threats to environmental progress: continued dependence on wood & dung in poor countries, and climate change. EP’s approach emphasizes educating the public on why nuclear power is important to both lifting everyone out of poverty and saving the natural environment.


EP researches energy transitions and their social and economic implications for U.S. states and other nations, from analyzing the feasibility of nations meeting their Paris agreements, to studying the risks associated with an increasing reliance on natural gas, among other topics.

EP looks at the role that the World Bank, national ex-im banks, and other financial institutions play in shaping the global energy mix and their potential to promote clean energy development.

EP will continue to pursue the most up-to-date data on discriminatory energy subsidies and investigate the causes tending to destroy or impair free-enterprise.

EP research and work helped pass legislation that adequately values carbon-free electricity in NY and IL. And EP continues to improve its understanding of accident tolerant fuel development and its potential role in reducing regulatory burden, which may reduce construction delays, and thereby costs, on new builds.


EP works in the United States and other nations where clean energy progress is at risk. Our work always begins with seeking to understand. Every situation is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly. First, we do quantitative energy and environmental analysis of every state and nation with nuclear reactors at risk. Second, we read the relevant scholarly research, policy documents and news coverage. Finally, we travel to the states and nations in question to do research where we interview key decision-makers, nuclear proponents, opponents and ordinary citizens.

Please see the attached "Outline of current programs and activities" for more detail on our work by geographic location.

Amounts Approved
$20,000.00 on 10/16/2017 (Check sent: 10/27/2017)
$10,000.00 on 12/20/2017 (Check sent: 12/22/2017)

709 Euclid Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708
Berkeley, CA 94708

(415) 309-4200


Michael D Shellenberger
President, Environmental Progress

Posted 9/13/2017 4:05 PM
Updated   12/23/2017 10:37 PM

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