Project Report:
Atmospheric Trust Campaign
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


We support a network of youth, lawyers and top scientists, economists and experts from around the world in multiple disciplines, to bring about systemic governmental action at the federal, state, and global domestic levels that drives systemic market incentives and public policy to place our society on a scientific prescription for atmospheric health, climate stability and ocean de-acidification.


We explore and advocate for market approaches that promote a sustainable economy as they relate to climate change, energy security, food production and other environmental matters.

Economic imbalances that favor carbon intensive goods and services continue to dominate our economy. We seek legal requirements to drive economic, market-based and governmental policy solutions that realign those imbalances toward a sustainable economy and stabilization of our climate system.

We seek a court ordered systemic, national, science-based climate recovery plan that we envision will include critical market based policies including: realignment of tax incentives and subsidies away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy; establishment of a carbon fee system reflecting the true costs of carbon intensive goods and services; allocation of R&D funding toward innovation that develops the market readiness and economic viability of new and existing climate stabilizing technologies; etc.


The scope of our work is global and transformative. We are advancing legal actions on behalf of all present and future generations to achieve systemic government policy at the federal, state, local and global domestic levels. Our media and organizing work is similarly focused at all of these levels. Because the climate crisis is simultaneously a global and local issue, governmental action and policy at all levels of government is crucial to achieve a meaningful solution. We are driving science-based governmental climate recovery action and policy by securing legal rights (constitutional and public trust) that mandate such action and policy at the governmental level.

Amount Approved
$100,000.00 on 8/1/2018 (Check sent: 8/27/2018)

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Our Children's Trust  

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Lou Helmuth
Deputy Director, Our Children's Trust

Posted 3/21/2018 10:07 AM
Updated   11/9/2018 10:28 AM

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