Project Report:
Nuclear Economics and Innovation
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


Through our original reports and analyses, communications work, and events and conferences, Breakthrough will address several policy and knowledge gaps in the nuclear space. Our work would clarify cost drivers in nuclear power plants and reveal options for cost reductions; it would disrupt the conversation around nuclear security and nuclear exports, opening new space for international nuclear innovation and deployment; it would expand the policy options for nuclear deployment, including state-directed energy policy and bottom-up nuclear entrepreneurialism; and it would get closer to the bottom of opposition to nuclear power in rich and poor countries, hopefully paving the way for new types of nuclear advocacy.


More work must be done to ensure the continued operation of existing nuclear plants and, even more importantly, the development and commercialization of advanced nuclear reactors. In the past years, we have shifted the policy conversation towards a new framework for accelerating innovation in advanced nuclear power. That has included our reports “How to Make Nuclear Cheap,” “How to Make Nuclear Innovative,” and “Planting the Seeds of a Distributed Nuclear Revolution.” Making clean energy cheap is a public-private partnership, and innovative firms and entrepreneurs must be involved every step of the way. The goal of Breakthrough's research, communications, and network-building is to design and advance policy proposals that accelerate technological innovation so clean energy technologies can compete. Market-based instruments like carbon taxes will be all the more effective with cheap, scalable clean technologies available.


This project is mostly targeted towards a US audience, while also relevant to other countries – including countries in the developing world – that also seek cheap, clean, scalable energy technologies. Our aim is for thought leaders and policy makers in the United States to adopt our proposals and partner with leaders in emerging economies, where demand for energy is growing fastest, to demonstrate and deploy new clean energy technologies.

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Hafeezah Abdullah
Event and Development Director, The Breakthrough Institute

Posted 12/14/2018 8:42 PM
Updated   4/24/2019 1:18 PM

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