Project Report:
Economic Distortions & The Pebble Mine: Protecting Alaska’s World Class Salmon & Brown Bears
- Investigates the causes of economic imbalances.
- Investigates causes tending to destroy or impair the free-market system.


The proposed Pebble mine threatens the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world as well as the highest concentration of brown bears on the planet. This project will address the economic imbalances in the permitting system that push risk and pollution onto Alaska's publicly-owned resources and the countless families and communities they support.


This project will satisfy the Walker Foundation’s guidelines by:

• Addressing the causes of economic imbalances by supporting advocacy and legal challenges aimed at internalizing the externalities proposed in the Pebble mine plan, with particular focus on salmon, bear and beluga whale habitat at the Amakdedori export facility in Lower Cook Inlet;
• Investigating causes tending to destroy or impair the free-enterprise system by producing an analysis of Alaska’s mining tax, royalty and bonding structure as it relates to the Pebble mine;
• Disseminating information on the results and findings of the report “The Economic Contribution of Bear Viewing in Southcentral Alaska, which the Foundation helped produce. This project will also disseminate information and organize Alaskans to take action around the legal challenges and mining taxes/royalties components of the project discussed above.


While this project's geographic focus is southcentral/southwest Alaska, its scope is national, because it explores and addresses issues around economic imbalances and externalities implicated in environmental permitting nationwide.

Amount Approved
$15,000.00 on 12/9/2019 (Check sent: 12/17/2019)

3734 Ben Walters Lane
Homer, AK 99603

(907) 235-4068 ext 21
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Bob Shavelson
Inletkeeper, Cook Inletkeeper

Posted 11/9/2019 4:12 PM
Updated   12/18/2019 11:07 AM

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