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Seminar Series on Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy Analysis for Federal Judges and Law Professors.
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


The fundamental objective of this program is to explain to important decision makers and opinion leaders (Article III federal judges and law professors) how the application of economic principles and the market process can foster environmental quality.


For seventeen years FREE’s seminars have provided opportunities for members of the federal judiciary and their legal colleagues to explore pressing issues with some of America’s most distinguished scholars. In 2007 we offered two confernces for federal judges and their legal colleagues; Economics, Energy, & the Law and Terrorism, Civil Society, & the Law. Our faculty included scholars of national distinction, such as former attorney general Ed Meese, Phil Heymann of Harvard Law School and Nobel Laureates Thomas Schelling and Vernon Smith.


The fundamental objective of FREE’s work is to reach important decision makers and opinion leaders with a strong, responsible, positive environmental message. Using basic concepts from the fields of economics (micro and public choice theory), science, and risk analysis, we explain how the application of these analytic tools can foster responsible liberty and sound public policy.

Over the past 16 years dozens of federal judges have written us, telling us how even a small amount of economic understanding has immense analytic leverage when considering environmental policy.


Every society faces the important challenge of allocating scarce resources over the long term. Take nonrenewable commodities, e.g., copper and coal. The market functions well here. Rising prices signal increasing scarcity and provide incentives for conservation and the search for substitutes (e.g., silicon fiber-optic lines replace copper phone wires). But we also explain the limitation of markets, for example regarding amenity resources.

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$30,000.00 on 6/26/2007 (Check sent: 6/27/2007)

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Phil Heymann of Harvard Law lectures

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