Market approaches for addressing economic
imbalances and protecting our environment
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Founded in Pittsburgh in 1968 under the will of Alex C. Walker, the Foundation is structured as a charitable trust under Pennsylvania Law.
Mountains, Markets, Sea
The Alex C. Walker Educational and Charitable Foundation fills a unique niche among grant-giving institutions by addressing issues related to the causes of market imbalances, the exploration of market-based solutions, protection of the free enterprise system, and the dissemination of such information. The trust operates as a family foundation with Dr. Thomas Walker, Jr. and Barrett P. Walker serving as family trustees and PNC Bank serving as the corporate trustee.
Atmospheric Trust Campaign  
We support legal actions and public education to secure the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate system at the federal, state and global domestic levels. See supplemental section for a description of specific actions.
Donlin Gold's Energy Demands for Dwindling Cook Inlet Gas  
The Donlin Gold mine would be a massive open-pit complex next to the Kuskokwim River in southwest Alaska, and the natural gas pipeline needed to fuel the mine would cut a swath from Cook Inlet, over the Alaska Range, to the mine site 315 miles away. In 2022, the
US Forest Carbon Pricing Initiative  
With support from Walker Foundation, CSE will continue to advance its goal of including the logging and wood products sector in federal, state, and local climate action plans and regulation of this sector’s climate impacts through market-based solutions. At the f...
Fossil Fuel Risk Bonds - From Vision to Reality  
As a result of Walker Foundation’s sustained investment in CSE’s Fossil Fuel Risk Bond (FFRB) program we have three separate rulemaking processes underway in Oregon and Washington to implement the policy concept on the ground. The first involves protecting frontl...
Ocean System Damages and the Social Cost of Carbon  
Climate change poses myriad threats to oceans. The ocean provides critical services that are essential to human well-being, including food, biodiversity, non-use value, recreation, and tourism. However, ocean acidification and warming (OAW), which are driven by t...
Maximizing ecosystem services and biodiversity protection for future land acquisitions of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (Bosque Eterno de los Niños, “BEN”)  
In November 2022, the Monteverde Conservation League received a grant from the Alex C. Walker Foundation for the amount of $20,000. The primary goal for this project was to use GIS techniques to map areas adjacent to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (Bosque Eter...
Building Grasstops Support in 2022/2023 for Carbon Pricing  
In 2022-23, the Pricing Carbon Initiative (PCI) will continue with its efforts, launched in 2011, to build support, by fostering understanding and cooperation between a wide range of organizations and opinion leaders, for bipartisan carbon pricing solutions desig...
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