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Getting started on your application.

Application Cover Sheet

Name of Project
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Brief Description of Project
Describe the project in a brief statement of 15 words or less.

Have you previously received funding from the Walker Foundation?
Please identify grant years and amounts.

Amount Requested

Total Project Cost

Executive Director

Project Contact Person (Check will be mailed to this person)


Grant Cycle
The Foundation has two application deadlines: April 1st and October 1st. Applications received by April 1st are considered for summer funding. Applications received by October 1st are considered for fall funding. Grant applicants with special circumstances meriting immediate funding can apply outside of the two normal grant cycles.

Please select Regular deadlines for April 1st or October 1st deadlines or choose Outside normal deadlines if you have special circumstances.
- Regular deadlines
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Narrative Section

Organization Information
  • Summarize your organization’s history.
  • State your mission and goals, future challenges, and long-range plans.
  • Outline current programs and activities.
  • Highlight accomplishments.
TIP: Differentiate yourself from similar or competing organizations.

Purpose of Grant
  • How does the project meet one or more of the
    purposes of the Foundation listed in the Grant Guidelines?
  • Describe the proposed program or project.
  • Identify the needs/issue to be addressed and the target audience.
  • Describe the project goals and objectives, and your plan to meet them.
  • Define the project as a new or continuing program.
  • Identify other partner organizations or funders participating in the project and their roles.
  • Provide a timetable for implementation.
  • Identify long-term funding resources.
TIP: If a similar program has been conducted, please discuss its impact. Does it represent an expansion or duplication of services? If it doesn’t, define the potential to serve as a model program locally or nationally.

Use when extra space is needed beyond the 6,500 character maximum of the field above. If you do not need the extra space, leave this field blank. Please keep the application concise. Only use the supplemental section if you have a complex project involving multiple grant partners, or consisting of more than one funding request.

Reporting to Walker Foundation Website
  • Describe your plan to document progress and results by reporting to the Walker Foundation website. Your web-based report will be available to the public.
  • How to report - If your request is funded, a grant report form will be created under your organization's name, listing the purposes of the project and the amount awarded. Grantees are expected to submit their initial report within one month of receiving funds by filling in the description section of the online grant report form. The report should then be updated as the project produces results and upon it’s final completion. At a minimum, please post one photograph, logo, or other image (in JPEG format) to identify the project. Additional photographs with captions will make the report more interesting and are highly desirable.
TIP: Set measurable goals for the program and specify your plans for reporting to the Foundation. It is particularly important to contact the Foundation if you anticipate a need to make substantive changes to the program or budget.

Project Budget

Budget period.

Itemization of Project Expenses
Please itemize project expenses. This portion of your proposal should break down the total budget into specific items. The categories listed below are suggested, but if they do not fit your project, you can use your own categories as long as they provide adequate information. If you have unusual circumstances, such as a percentage applied to 'overhead,' please explain.
There are three ways to enter data: 1) Type directly into the field below. 2) Copy the budget categories, followed by a colon, into the space below, then go back and type in the amounts after the colon.

Suggested Categories (You may use your own.)
  • Salary and wages:
  • Payroll taxes:
  • Fringe benefits and related fees:
  • Consultant and professional fees (accounting, legal):
  • Travel:
  • Equipment:
  • Supplies:
  • Office Expenses (printing, copying, telephone, postage):
  • Rent and Utilities:
You will have an opportunity to add related attachments on the next page.

Sources of Funding for Project
Please include all confirmed and anticipated sources of revenue. If you list in-kind support, do not include the amount with your total income. Explain unusual items.
  • Government grants/contracts:
  • Foundations:
  • Corporations:
  • Earned income:
  • United Way or combined federated campaigns:
  • Individual contributions:
  • Fundraising events and product sales:
  • Membership income:
  • In-kind support (do not include in funding totals):
  • Additional revenue:
You will have an opportunity to add related attachments on the next page.

Total Anticipated Project Expenses

Total Confirmed Amount of Funding

Remaining Funding Needed


Application Attachments
Please view our Files to Attach page for specifics.

1. Copy of the current IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter.
2. Organizational structure, directors, affiliations & key project personnel.
3. Financial statement for your organization.

4. Photographs, charts, maps and other supporting documents.
5. Annual report.
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