Grant Guidelines

Notice: We are accepting applications invited by the Foundation, and renewals from previously funded applicants.  

The Foundation funds market approaches for addressing economic imbalances and promoting a sustainable economy.

Applicants should clearly describe how their project meets one or more of the first four purposes of the Foundation. All projects should also have a plan to meet the last purpose - disseminate information on the results and findings. In addition, please describe the scope of your project and your tax status: 

Purposes of the Foundation
The Foundation awards grants to:
(1) investigate the causes of economic imbalances, particularly in relation to ecosystem services, climate change, energy security, food production, and other environmental matters; 
(2) investigate the effects of the global financial system and monetary policy in fostering a sustainable economy; 
(3) investigate causes tending to destroy or impair the free-enterprise system;
(4) explore and develop market-based solutions;
(5) disseminate information on the results and findings.

Scope of Project
(A) The Foundation funds local, national, and international projects as pilot studies or demonstrations for solving economic imbalances that may affect the United States or challenge the global free-enterprise system.

Tax Status
(B) Organizations that apply for grants must have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status within the United States, but a qualifying US organization may receive funding for projects it undertakes in other parts of the world. You will be asked to attach an electronic copy of your IRS tax determination letter to the grant application.

The Foundation does not fund individuals. It funds tax-exempt organizations.

Traditional and Ecological Economics
As described in our Mission Statement, the Foundation funds two categories of projects: traditional economics and ecological economics with a free-market orientation. The Foundation seeks market-based approaches for addressing economic imbalances and protecting our environment.

Types of Projects Funded
The trustees seek projects that promote greater knowledge of economic, scientific, and environmental issues and their possible relationship to economic imbalances and the free enterprise system. They also support investigations on the effect of legislation and international agreement on the foregoing subjects.

Qualities the trustees favor when reviewing grant applications

Application Procedure

Grant requests must be submitted on a formal application form through this website. The complete application, including cover sheet, executive summary, proposal narrative, project budget, and attachments needs to be submitted before the semiannual application deadlines.

Application Deadlines
The application deadlines are April 1st and October 1st.  Projects of a time sensitive nature are occasionally considered outside the normal grant cycle.  

More detailed instructions are available in the Online Application section.

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