Corporation for the Northern Rockies

The Corporation for the Northern Rockies (CNR) is a sustainable development nonprofit dedicated to protecting the region’s incomparable landscape and quality of life for present generations and those to come. We collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds interested in working together to solve the complex problems facing the region. We do not lobby or litigate. Rather, we focus exclusively on educational and voluntary free-market based strategies that help people transition to a more sustainable way of living.

CNR helps landowners learn about and practice sustainable agriculture. We train farmers and ranchers about stewardship techniques that create healthy rangelands and riparian areas. Our research shows that these techniques can increase overall profitability by an average of 22 percent.

To reward outstanding stewardship, CNR uses our Market Connections Program to market local, sustainably produced goods to regional and national outlets. These niche markets provide premiums over commodity prices. CNR believes profitable farms and ranches serve as the underpinning for a healthy rural economy, culture and environment.

CNR’s Welcome to the West Program educates prospective land buyers and new landowners about ways they can protect the environment and their investment. We urge them to site their homes away from flood plains, riparian areas, wildlife habitat, and off ridgelines. When appropriate, we encourage them to leave a lasting legacy by protecting their land with a conservation easement.

CNR’s Sustainable Choices Program educates the public about specific ways we all can protect the landscape and communities we love. Our annual Sustainability Fairs teach thousands of people each summer how they can make a difference through their everyday choices.

CNR’s message is simple: Sustainable choices make sense for our bottom line, our environment, our communities and ourselves.

215 South 3rd Street
Livingston, MT 59047
Hours of Operation
8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

406-222-0730 ext 1
406-222-6933 (fax)

Lill Denise Erickson
406-222-0730  Executive Director, Corporation for the Northern R

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