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Resources First Foundation provides conservation education tools and solutions to promote conservation and restoration activities for fish, wildlife and other natural resources primarily on privately owned lands across the United States and in Southern Africa.

Today in the United States, approximately 70% of the nation’s landscape, and therefore the vast majority of our nation’s habitat for fish and wildlife resources, reside on privately owned lands. The vast majority of our public and philanthropic financial resources are focused in public land conservation, ignoring the largest segment of the market needing conservation assistance and tutelage.

RFF's primary project, The Private Landowner Network,, is the first, and remains today, the only national informational resource and database on the internet, specifically designed to address the needs of private landowners and the symbiotic businesses dependent on the private landowner’s market. The tools and information resources on PLN provide a simple and effective means for landowners to connect with qualified, often local, professionals to navigate the complex ins and outs of real estate transactions, tax and estate planning and land conservation. It enables landowners to access local land trusts and nonprofit conservation organizations, as well as the bewildering array of federal and state financal and technical assistance options.

Additionally, RFF also supports conservation projects in Southern Africa. In particular we support the programs of the Wilderness Trust, a conservation market leader for community based conservation and education programs in Southern Africa. Many community-based and private landowner conservation techniques and policies used all over the world today were first initiated and developed in a number of countries in Southern Africa.

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