Project Report:
Planning for CBRA Expansion
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


The purpose of this grant would be to develop an planning, outreach, and coalition building strategy to expand the use of protections like those provided by the Coastal Barrier Resources System. CBRA, signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1982, is a highly successful effort to forward environmental protection goals by reducing the size and scope of government. CBRA establishes “subsidy free zones” that withdraw a number of federal programs from environmentally sensitive areas. The results speak for themselves; CBRA has saved over $1 billion while protecting 1.3 million acres of sensitive land from development. It is an effective, market-based solution to the problems of increasing levels of coastal damage and sea level rise. We want to develop plans, engage in outreach, and build coalitions to double the size of CBRA and double the amount of money that it saves for taxpayers.


Planning: By early August, we produced two grant proposals for further work on CBRA and have received one small additional grant. Outreach: We have had initial conversations directly with two members of Congress and with several Congressional staff members. Coalition Building: As of early August, we have begun the work of socializing the idea of CBRA expansion and, if we are successful in securing additional funds, will work towards creating a formal coalition.


The proposal is a planning effort to expand the Coastal Barrier Resources System and the areas covered by the Coastal Barrier Resources Act. Because it solves conservation problems with market mechanism and smaller government, CBRA is, itself, a market-based solution to both conservation and climate change-adaptation goals. Our proposal will outline ways to expand and develop CBRA and the market-based solution it represents.


This project is national in scope.

Information Dissemination

This is largely a planning grant. Ability to disseminate our findings and research will depend on our success or lack thereof in securing additional funding.

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Amount Approved
$10,000.00 on 6/5/2015 (Check sent: 7/13/2015)

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Eli Lehrer
President, R Street Institute

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