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The Carbon Tax Center Emergency Funding
- Investigates the causes of economic imbalances.
- Investigates the effect of the global financial system and/or the monetary system in fostering a sustainable economy.
- Investigates causes tending to destroy or impair the free-market system.
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


The Walker emergency grant helped us respond to, engage with and acknowledge the hundreds of individuals who are besieging us with questions, requests, suggestions and donations. The Carbon Tax Center amplifies the voices of people in America and abroad who believe that taxing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is central to efforts to reduce the rate of and damage from climate change. CTC educates and informs policymakers, opinion leaders and the public about the benefits and critical need for significant, rising and equitable taxes on the carbon content of fossil fuels.


The Walker grant -- which was generous and provided in record time -- enabled us to raise the number of hours of contract time from the firm that handles our social media engagement and manages our subscriptions and direct mail. This had three halcyon effects: 1. We were able to write and send more effective e-mail blasts to our subscriber list, which evoked a substantial uptick in contributions -- an increase many times greater than the Walker grant itself. 2. We were able to write individual thank-you notes to our major donors, which will help ensure a more robust funding base this year and in future. 3. Senior staff were able to focus on research and writing, including completing and publishing our Dec. 2016 report, "The Good News," which established that increases in provision of clean energy outweighed even the increase in fracked gas in reducing coal burning and its carbon emissions since 2005 (see image).


Carbon taxing corrects economic imbalances between human beings and the ecosystems that provide the stable climate, healthy forests, adequate rainfall and intact coastlines essential to economic activity.

Monetary flows necessary for healthy economies require prices of key commodities and services such as energy and power that "tell the truth" about their underlying costs. Carbon taxing is a vital means to that end.

Most "solutions" to climate change employ subsidies, allocations and regulations that twist our market system into knots and pile up enormous albeit hidden costs. Carbon taxing is the only large-scale antidote and alternative.

Carbon taxing is not merely market-based, it is market-correcting, enabling the markets through which billions of decisions involving fuels and energy to be more truthful, reliable, efficient and robust.


The Carbon Tax Center is the pre-eminent source of information and analysis for journalists, policymakers and citizens on carbon taxing's efficacy, necessity and acceptability. The persistence of carbon taxing in discourse and debates owes much to our work.

Since release of the climate change film, "Before The Flood," CTC has been besieged with requests for assistance and suggestions for advocacy. Our subscriber list has more than quadrupled to over 10,000, and we have received over 100 online donations.

This grant enables us to (i) remove data constraints in our list management system, (ii) hire temporary staff to respond to queries and acknowledge gifts, (iii) train our executive director to supervise list management. Ramping up this process immediately will allow us to recruit and retain as many as possible of the individuals who have written to us.

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$8,000.00 on 11/18/2016 (Check sent: 12/5/2016)

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