Barry, Coxe and Cascade Glaciers, Sept., 2008
Barry, Coxe and Cascade Glaciers, Sept., 2008. Photo by Barrett Walker on Foundation site visit.
Project Report:
Alaska Climate Impacts Bibliography
- Investigates the effect of the global financial system and/or the monetary system in fostering a sustainable economy.


This project helps quantify and expose market externalities by producing an annotated bibliography of scientific literature on the impacts from climate change and ocean acidification on Alaska natural systems.

Barry, Coxe, and Cascade Glaciers Aug., 1913
Barry, Coxe, and Cascade Glaciers Aug., 1913. Compare this photograph to the more recent photo above. The pictures illustrate the retreat of the three glaciers that previously merged to form one glacier, known as the Barry Glacier. Maps show that, at the turn of the century, Barry Glacier extended into Barry Sound beyond the point where this photo was taken from what is now open water.


We commissioned the project to support Our Childrens' Trust with their rulemaking petition in Alaska, but we will also use the end-product to support our work fighting climate externalities with various partners, including the Chuitna Citizens Coalition, Alaska Center, Kachemak Bay Conservation Society and Alaska Marine Conservation Council.


This project investigates the the effects of the global financial system by revealing the quantifiable impacts to Alaska resources caused by market externalities, namely, climate change.


This project includes all peer-reviewed and gray literature regarding climate impacts on Alaska natural resources.

Information Dissemination

This bibliography has been appended to a petition submitted to the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation, it has been circulated to local, state and federal agencies, and it's been posted on Inletkeeper's web site for public dissemination.

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Amount Approved
$3,700.00 on 4/25/2017 (Check sent: 5/11/2017)

Barry, Coxe and Cascade Glaciers, Sept., 2008
Barry, Coxe, and Cascade Glaciers Aug., 1913
Alaska Climate Impacts Bibliography 2017 (PDF)

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