Project Report:
Global Warming in the Pipeline
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


Disseminate critical information to the public, especially young people, and policymakers on global climate change and its implications for required actions, including a rising tax on carbon and nuclear power.


As long as carbon dioxide can be dumped in the atmosphere without charge, global energy use will be dominated by fossil fuels and climate will spiral out of humanity's control.


The scope is global. National actions such as building windmills (using money borrowed from young people and future generations) will do little to address climate change. There must be a rising carbon fee/tax and a border duty on products from countries that do not have an equivalent carbon fee.

Amount Approved
$50,000.00 on 9/6/2023

PipelinePaper.2023.08.22 (PDF)

Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions
Earth Institute, Columbia University
475 Riverside Dr. Ste 401-O
New York, NY 10115

(718) 866-7331


Dr. James Hansen
Director, Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions / Columbia University

Posted 9/2/2023 7:51 AM
Updated   9/10/2023 11:21 AM

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