Project Report:
How can U.S. financial market supervisors incorporate climate considerations into their responsibilities?
- Investigates the effect of the global financial system and/or the monetary system in fostering a sustainable economy.
- Investigates causes tending to destroy or impair the free-market system.
- Explores and develops market-based solutions.


This project will explore what the U.S. financial market regulators could or would say as they engage in the Network for Greening the Financial System and other processes like it. The policy research paper emerging from this expert discussion will inform current and future policymakers, investors, banks, and other stakeholders about how the international dialogue on climate as a financial risk translates to the United States. For example, the paper will explores issues such as how U.S. institutions could assess the risks of a low carbon transition on greenhouse gas-intensive firms when a regulatory approach to reducing emissions in the U.S. has not yet been adopted. The research will lay out options and describe their advantages and disadvantages.


This project investigates the effects of the global financial system, as regulated by agencies such as the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission, in fostering a sustainable economy. The research will investigate the causes of and solutions to impairment of the free-enterprise system through the effects of financial market regulation, for example via rules for the disclosure of climate-related risks by public companies. The research will explore solutions that involve the respective roles of market participants and market regulators, and the authors will disseminate information on the results and findings.


This project focuses primarily on options facing financial market regulators in the United States, but it will consider the influence of policies in other countries and recommendations from international bodies such as the Network for Greening the Financial System and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

Amount Approved
$50,000.00 on 6/8/2021 (Check sent: 6/11/2021)

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Sarah Savoy
Director of Development, Foundations, ES, The Brookings Institution

Posted 3/29/2021 11:16 AM
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