Project Report:
Equity Impacts of Clean Energy Policy Design
- Investigates the causes of economic imbalances.
- Investigates causes tending to destroy or impair the free-market system.


Good Energy Collective (GEC) will analyze the effects of clean energy policies on energy prices to further understand the impact on inequality and the short-term feasibility of decarbonization policies in a period of growing inflationary concerns. In tandem, GEC will analyze the effects on marginalized communities of insufficient baseload energy resources and how different energy policies may be eroding reliability.


This project will meet the goals of the Walker Foundation by investigating causes of impairment to the free-market system through inefficient or counterproductive clean energy incentives and tax schemes, and the effect that such policies have on rising energy costs and income inequality. Further, our state-level and national analyses will investigate the extent to which such policies reduce grid resiliency and reliability, and how the reduced capacity of baseload power places a disproportionate economic burden on low-income communities.


This analysis will proceed in two phases: The first phase, to be supported by the Walker Foundation, will synthesize the existing literature and assess the equity implications of taxation policies in California, Texas, and Georgia—states which at the state and municipal levels have implemented a disparate set of decarbonization policies to different effect. The second phase, to be funded through grant renewals with other GEC philanthropic funders, will expand these three case studies out to a national analysis that identifies the effect of climate policies on energy prices and inequality.

In both project phases, any comprehensive case studies we conduct in service of the report may focus on either the state or municipal level. However, an understanding of energy prices as a driver of inflation will require some broader analysis of global trends in supply, and how they interact with U.S. policies.

Amount Approved
$60,000.00 on 6/29/2022 (Check sent: 7/19/2022)

Laurel Walk
Goleta, CA 93117

(510) 8534792


Jackie Toth
Deputy Director, Good Energy Collective
Jessica Lovering
Executive Director, Good Energy Collective

Posted 3/22/2022 5:04 PM
Updated   7/31/2022 2:10 PM

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